Explorer Discussions: Live Audio

live audio older adults discussions


Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while a group of older adults discussed a product or problem you care about? Now you can.


Every month, our Longevity Explorers circles of older adults meet to:

  • discuss unmet needs associated with growing older;
  • critique specific products; brainstorm solutions to some of the challenges of aging; and 
  • compare notes about gadgets they like to use.


We audio-record these discussions, post them on this website, and you can listen to them at the time and place of your choosing. 


For Older Adults AND for Product Developers

For older adults, & their families

Our discussions vary broadly. Often we tackle questions to which the older adult discussion participants want answers, and talk about ways individuals have solved challenges or needs they have experienced. If you are an older adult, or friend of an older adult, you may find these topics interesting too.

We have synthesized what we have learned into a series of "Explorer Results", where we summarize the results from multiple discussions on a topic, and share actionable insights that have emerged from the discussions.


For Product Developers

Often we talk about unmet needs, flaws in existing products, and important products we wish someone would develop for older adults like us. These discussions are expecially relevant to people engaged in developing new products for older adults.

We often meet young product developers who want to develop products for older adults, and wish they had a good way to immerse themselves in the world as older adults see it. Being able to listen in while older adults talk about topics they care deeply about, and products they wish existed, is a great way to do that.

With typical ages of our explorers ranging from 70 - 95 years old, these discussions represent the opinions of a demographic that is hard to reach. And the volume and breadth of discussions we have curated over the last two years is quite unparelleled.

You can see some of the more popular themes we have been exploring below.

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Premium: For Developers & Researchers

Many of the Longevity Explorer discussions can be listened to for free by anyone who becomes a member of this website, and we strive to continue to give free access to discussions we think will be useful for older adults and their family. And the Longevity Explorers themselves have free access to all our material.

What started out as a discussion club is turning out also to be a powerful tool for developers and researchers to conduct market research. Increasingly, we are tackling topics that are especially relevant for developers who are trying to create better products and services for older adults. To listen to some of these researcher-focused discussions, members require a Premium membership — which we call a Researcher membership.

We see an opportunity to add a layer of analyst commentary, analysis and synthesis to these developer-focused topics on unmet needs and products people wish they could have. We plan to add that to this Researcher membership as soon as we have a critical mass of Researcher members.

If you think this extra interpretation on top of our deep-dive explorer discussions would be useful to you, we encourage you to sign up for the researcher membership now. The sooner we have a critical mass, the sooner we will add these benefits to the membership.


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