Twenty first century collective

The thing about getting older is that it happens to everyone. This is important because it means that almost everyone we meet could add value to our movement if they wished. You don’t need to be “old”. You don’t need to be a technologist. You just need to have interest and enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference to the quality of life we will all experience as we grow older.

Problem identification

A critical first step in solving the challenges of aging is identifying real problems that need to be solved. The only qualification needed to take part in this part of our work is to have personal first hand experience of aging. Either yourself, or from watching a loved one growing older.

 Evaluate what exists today

After problem identification, one needs to learn what exists now, and what works for which types of people. This requires some more specialized background, or first hand experience trying out existing solutions to solve a problem you have.

Conceptualize new solutions

Anyone can have a good idea. But until now, there was noone to tell and no way to turn it into reality.

Create new products and services

This is more specialized and we are convening “Maker teams” with the right experience and interest to tackle this part.

Longevity Explorers

We are calling our co-creation community the Longevity Explorers.


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