Seniors: gold mine of untapped potential and intellectual capital

Society seems to have decided that once people pass some arbitrary age (eg 65) they are good only for a life of leisure or of volunteerism. Yet with people living well into their 80’s and 90’s, many of us want to continue to create and be useful to society well past the age of 65. The Longevity Explorers is designed to make that possible.

Untapped potential

While some people may have lost a few steps compared to how they were in their prime, for many of us, this slowing down is more than offset by the accumulated experience and wisdom of a lifetime. It seems a waste not to take advantage of this amazing talent pool.

Need different engagement model

Perhaps we don’t want a conventional full time job anymore. But we sure would like to have the meaning and sense of purpose that accompanies deep involvement in an activity that adds value to society. 

And maybe we would like to feel our work is valuable enough that we should get paid for it. After all, that is how our society keeps score, and measures the value of things.

Let’s do it

We are finding a lot of people feel like this, and that this represents a gold mine of untapped potential. We hope to leverage this vast pool of underutilized talent to make a positive impact on society, while:

  • giving people back their sense of purpose;
  • giving them a new cause they can identify with; and, if we are successful,
  • opening up a new income stream for them.