Explorer Discussion Access

Discussions from our Longevity Explorers typically fall into two categories.

  1. Discussions we think will be useful for older adults and their family. These can be listened to by anyone who registers as a member of this website (free).
  2. Discussions that are focused on the needs of developers of new products and services for older adults. This content requires a Researcher Membership (inexpensive, but not free).

Of course, the Longevity Explorers themselves have free access to all our material. (If you attend our face to face explorer circles, request Longevity Explorer Access.)


Researcher Memberships: Discussions Plus

If you would like to be able to:

  • listen to all the explorer discussions in a specific theme;
  • help frame the topics to be discussed;
  • get notifed each week of new discussions; and (soon)
  • get additional analysis of “what we learned this month” from the Tech-enhanced Life analysts,

….  please check out our Researcher Memberships.


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