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Hello noscgag,

That is a great question. I have to admit that when I was testing the GrandPad I never tried this. Like other senior tablet vendors, GrandPad assumes that your loved one would not want to be receiving "texts" and would rather have a video call, audio call, or an email message.

I just called GrandPad and they said that although the loved one's GrandPad has a unique phone number, they don't support texting to that number.

Instead, they suggested that family members use the GrandPad app on their phones to send their loved one's messages. 

One interesting feature, if your loved one is hard of hearing, is what they call "Real-Time texting",

This is not closed captioning during the video call, as the sender needs to type in the text, but could help a loved one who has difficulty in hearing during a video call.

I could not find any pictures of the keyboard display during emails, and GrandPad support was unable to point me at a photo. Here is a photo of the keyboard during a search