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Although it likely will not be of any benefit to you on this occasion, my understanding is that the new version of apple's operating system (ios 15 and mac os monterey, released next month), will enable you to share your screen during a Facetime call. If your friend has an iphone or ipad, this might help a little in the future.

I havent tried the beta yet, but i'm hopeful that it will make "support" calls a little bit easier, rather than having the person on the other end describe what they are seeing on their screen. 

In the meantime, one thing which did occur is that perhaps (!) you could set up your friend's account on life360 for her so that she has less steps to log out of life 360 on your own phone, and then register for a new account with your friend's phone number/email (although you will need her on the line as i suspect they will send a verification text message to her mobile, or her email), and then you can get her fully signed up...You would then log out of her account, log back in under your own account, and then all your friend would need to do is install the app and sign in. I havent used life360 for a while and maybe this isn't possible but its an approach that can work for other apps. That said, this is likely still going to be a difficult task for your friend.

I'm sorry i can't help you more directly,  and I wish you the very best.