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RE: reading books.
For years, my eye's kept me from reading s
mall print books. So I didn't.
Now, I "read" at least a book a week. Ok, I listen to audio books, using my phone & a single earbud (android allows a setting to combine stereo into a single).
It took about a month to get used to listening instead of reading. Now it seems natural. AND AND AND I can do other things while listening--especially rote things like loading the dishwasher, getting dressed, etc. Alexa also will "play" your book for you (instead of earbud).

Many friends see what I do but they are very skeptical: "But I enjoyed "real" reading. I tried audio books but they aren't the same" for instance. This is sad to me. After adapting, no way would I go back to "reading paper." My wife, after watching me for awhile, decided to try (although she has no trouble reading paper). It's been almost two years, and she also does more than an audio book a week, and rarely reads paper books any more.
If you try it, be SURE to listen to at least two or three books that are interesting to you before you "decide" it is not for you.

Good "reading" to you all!