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I'm surprised there is no mention of PillPack in here.  I've used or seen many of these pill organizers and found them lacking.  PillPack is my pharmacy, the same as any other, which means my doctor(s) call in any prescriptions directly to them.  All your meds come in sealed, individual envelopes, each with the day, the time, and the contents on the front (so if it's Tuesday and you're seeing Monday, you goofed).  Everything comes in a dispenser so you don't have to touch or organize a thing.  For any meds that I have to take that are 1X daily, I had my doctor specify the same time of day for each so up to 5 are packaged in one envelope to reduce clutter and I take them all at once.  I had one that I was supposed to take 2X daily, which is workable for PillPack, but not for me so we found a timed-release alternative because I was likely to forget or miss number two.  If you're traveling or going to be out you can tear off the envelope(s) and take them along, you're good to go.  As far as alarms are concerned they are only good if you're nearby and can hear them, a repeating alarm on my phone is more reliable.  If you need something like an antibiotic that should go to a local pharmacy.  If there's a change to your regimen that your doctor wants you to start taking immediately what you need for the rest of the month goes to your local pharmacy and then he/she'll add it to PillPack (they deliver monthly).  Each dispenser has each med clearly listed and pictured on the side so if you have to discontinue a med it's easily identified.  I've been using PillPack for years and it works for me and costs no more.  The one thing to remember (if this suits you) is to have all your 1X daily meds taken at the same time because if your doctor specifies different times they will come in separate envelopes.  It's worth a look the people at PillPack are helpful, accommodating and helpful.