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We have tried both Medical Guardian and MobileHelp. As you have pointed out, they both use AT&T as the cellular provider. Thru testing with the monitoring service providers, we found that the watches would not work in the home of my wife's father. The AT&T cellular service inside his home was not adequate. This was in Topeka Kansas.

First Device Tested
Medical Guardian turned out to be an immediate no go while testing with their customer service during activation. The device would not activate in his house.

Second Device Tested
MobilHelp appeared to be connected to LTE with 2-3 bars. The device self test did work. It was also able to find his location to setup the weather app. The weather was connecting and returning weather information. Yet, MobileHelp tested the device and was not able to connect thru. They called his cell phone to reach him for additional testing. My wife also went to his house to assist with testing with MobileHelp. End result is the device needs to be returned and service canceled.

Overall, we were more impressed by MobileHelp. They collected more information about her father to help in an emergency. i.e. description of him, what car he drives etc.

After reading your article about the Apple Watch, we are going to perform some testing with it. We have a family friend with one and uses Verizon. We hope that the connection between the phone and the watch coupled with the Verizon signal, we can find a solution.

As to your point about style, my father in law (87 years old) did not want those other devices that had that stereotypical
medical alert look. He doesn't want to have that impression on others that he needs this type of monitoring but knows he does. He was very excited about the watches we have found and keep asking when they were going to arrive.