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Much of what was written in this article I would agree with yet it seems slightly biased toward Apple. Don't get me wrong, I own Apple stock and want people to buy their tablets and phones but they can be pricey. Today there are many great art apps for Android too and I'd recommend taking a look if you can't afford the Apple Tax for an iPad. I use several like ArtRage, Infinite Painter, Artflow, Serious Paint, Corel Paint, and Autodesk to name some of my favorites, and they are well made professional grade art apps for Android. Don't think there aren't better options out there because there are many, and if you like to animate your work like I do, give Zoetropic a shot too which is surprisingly better in some ways than Corel PhotoMirage and while Plotaverse is the best it is also subscription based unfortunately. While I use a Cintiq 21UX with Corel Painter 2019 and Photoshop CS Extended on a Windows desktop, sometimes it's nice and easy to kick back with the old Note 4 or Note Pro and doodle around, then if I like something I made, pull it over into the big apps to finish them up. Digital art is coming of age! If you want to get serious about becoming a digital artist, consider taking courses with the Corel Painter Master Elite teachers at Digital Art Academy which is a wonderful community of artists who share work, learn together, and more.