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You people have entirely missed the point with all of your openers. I have a pliers with a very large mouth, obviously made for jars. It resembles a vise grip plier, with a screw adjustment for different size lids. The point is NOT to grab the lid and FORCE it open. I very rarely need to use it for that. That is what takes all the gripping force and is so hard. Instead, I position it LOW on the lid and just squeeze a bit. The lid deforms slightly, AIR RUSHES IN and the lid can be removed with two fingers (usually). There is no struggle to grip either the jar or the lid. Best of all, the lid is not deformed, not scarred with burrs, so you can use it with the jar over and over after the jar is empty. The only problem is that I don't see it advertised anywhere and I have no idea of where it came from.