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I' had been considering getting a rollator as my walking distance has diminished a great deal over time due to nerve damage in my legs caused by a back injury some time back.  As someone who had always been an active outdoor person, when I saw the Trionic Veloped All Terrain rollator on this site, I immediately checked it out.  Using HSA money that I still have, 6 years after retiring, I purchased the Tour Velopad and it will arrive on Thursday along with what I will call an adaptaive leash and wrist band so that I can use both hands on the rollator while walking my dog.  I'll give a full report once I've had and used it for awhile but I am so thankful to have found this site.  There are some cool things being produced for us elders that I wasn't aware of and if this rollator does all that it appears to do, I'll be able to go on our trails for more than the current 1/4 mile distance that I can manage with a cane.