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How about installing two passive motion sensors, one inside the bathroom door and one just outside of it. The two sensors report into a computer.

When the computer sees the outside sensor go off followed by the inside sensor, then we know someone has gone into the bathroom.

When the computer sees motion outside the bathroom, then it knows that someone has been outside the door.

If the computer senses someone has gone in but not come out for some period of time, then it alerts a caregiver via text message.


When it senses someone outside the door it isn't sure that the person left the bathroom, but it could infer that whoever was outside the door would have responded to a person inside in distress.

After sensing someone outside the door it waits five minutes. If it senses motion inside the bathroom after that then it starts its timer again waiting to see if someone leaves.

I think this could be fairly easy to set up. There may be some false alarms, but that's completely acceptable in a monitoring situation like this.