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I am only 64 so I would never wear a PERS however I have a cell phone with a PERS button on the back.  This button can be programmed to call multiple people and out send out multiple SMS (text message).  Everybody has cell phone,  to do is to be contemporary.  In the home there could be a cell phone base station (a real cell phone) and 5,6, ... 10. more cell phones that look like a normal phone but have limited functionality.  These would look like a cell phone but they would simply be PERS extensions.  Most of their real estate would be devoted to batteries that never need to be charged of replaced.  This would be possible because the PERS extensions would almost always be asleep.  These phones would be place all around the house.  Bathroom counter next to the shower.  the back of the toilet, with the TV remote controls, on the kitchen counter and bedroom night stand.  When the senior is up an dressed they would carry their cell phone with the PERS button.  When that are not they would have multiple PER extension cell phone statistically place around the house. They could be completly water proof so they could even be placed in the shower as appropriate.