Learning Module: About Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert System Explanations and Learning Module

Medical Alert Systems are conceptually simple. You press a button and help comes. But when it comes down to choosing one, it turns out there are quite a few subtleties that one needs to take into account to be sure of choosing the best medical alert for a given person.

Our companion Selection Tool is designed to help make an actual product choice. But to use it well, you really need to know which types of features you actually want.

This Learning Module contains several different pieces of content designed for people with different levels of familiarity with the topic of personal emergency response systems. It contains a basic high level tutorial for those just starting their research.

The most comprehensive work we have done is packaged into an online workshop which is designed to step the viewer / listener through a five step process that will educate you about the available types of medical alert system, help you decide which features matter for a given individual, and give you a personalized list at the end of the best actual products for that individual.


Tutorial: The Basics

Start with this tutorial if you want a basic tutorial on what a medical alert system is, and how they work.


How to Select the Best Medical Alert System: Online Workshop

In this online workshop, Dr. Richard Caro leads you through a simple five step process that lets you decide which of the bewildering array of emergency response systems (medical alerts) would be the right one for a specific older adult. It is designed for older adults who want an emergency response system; for their friends and family who want to help select the right product; or for clinicians that need to help others select the right medical alert to keep them safe.

Start with some information about the older adult who needs an emergency response system. Turn that into a set of desired features that will be most suitable for that person. Then use our selection tool to turn that feature list into a short list of actual products that will be best suited for the specific person for who needs the emergency response system.

This workshop can be taken online, at your own pace. The video lectures can be reviewed at any time in the future if and when you need them.


Online Workshop: 
Choose the Right Medical Alert System for a Specific Person








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Last Updated: August 14, 2020.