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Exercise: devices, apps, podcasts, habits and strategies

This discussion focused on the exercise preferences of the members of the Virual1 Explorers Circle. Members described the strategies and equipment used to maintain a level of fitness that would preserve their quality of life. Most members had a positive aptitude toward exercise; a few voiced the opinion that it was difficult or not a priority in their life.



The Readiness of Seniors for Smart Homes

During this meeting the Virutal1 Explorers Circles began a discussion advertised as an examination of Smart Homes. One of the members reviewed his overview of the topic that appears on the Tech Enhanced Life website. Another listed the Smart Home characteristics built into his Senior Housing Community. While it was acknowledged by the group, that they were familiar with some of the common aspects of Smart Homes such as smart lights or thermostats, they were not ready to use some of the more advanced features of Smart Homes.



Designing Elder-centered Transport

The Virual1 Longevity Explorers group engaged in a lively and far ranging discussion about transportation for elders. It covered transportation by private auto, public transportation, and private services. It also reviewed communities that might have less need for transportation.



Getting Better Sleep: Virtual1 Explorers

The Virtual1 Longevity Explorer's Circle engaged in a broad discussion on how to get better sleep. They reviewed information on sleep, as well as, offered opinions on the routines, devices, and apps they used to increase sleep.



Life Changes After Covid-Virtual1

As 2021 arrived and vaccines started to become available, the Virtual1 Explorers Circle members were ready to discuss what they thought life would be like as they emerged from lock down. The resulting wide-ranging conversation had several threads including: the aspects of life that had been forever changed by the pandemic, things that members were eager to do once the lock down was lifted, positive behaviors developed or technologies learned during Covid that members wanted to keep as part of their lives, and the opportunities that change opened up for the future.



Virtual1- Apps that Improve Your Everyday Life

The Virtual1 Explorers Circle discussed apps that they regularly used on a smartphone or tablet.



Knowledge Sharing Impacts Lives

Knowledge sharing about  LED lighted magnifier glasses had a positive impact on the daily life of a Circle member.



Devices and Gadgets Sustaining Older Adults’ Resilience

Older adults ingeniously use a wide variety of devices in navigating their daily life. As we age, we use both low- and high-tech gadgets to increase our resilience and overcome any difficulties thrown across our path. Members of the Virual1 Explorers Circle discussed their favorite “helpers” in a far-reaching and spirited session which covered both physical items and digital applications.



Tech Support, Virtual1

During their Zoom Circle meeting, Virtual1 Explorers Circle members discussed personal approaches to tech support developed from their own experience. The discussion included issues like ongoing tech support; updates; learning about new tech; and the challenges of helping friends and family with technology.




Gadgets That Help During Covid: Virtual Circle

This virtual Longevity Explorers' circle meeting includes members from sixteen states and features discussions inspired by common experiences living under the Covid 'stay at home' orders. The topic: gadgets that help during COVID.



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This Circle

This is the first "virtual" circle of the Longevity Explorers. 

Adapting to the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we are the first entirely virtual Longevity Explorers group. While the original IRL (in real life) Explorers have also taken their meetings online, the members of our circle aren’t in a specific geographic location, but span the country from coast to coast.

Circle members are getting to know each other as they explore how to use the online medium to build connections and continue leveraging technology to maintain our quality of life.

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