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Life Changes After Covid-Virtual1

As 2021 arrived and vaccines started to become available, the Virtual1 Explorers Circle members were ready to discuss what they thought life would be like as they emerged from lock down. The resulting wide-ranging conversation had several threads including: the aspects of life that had been forever changed by the pandemic, things that members were eager to do once the lock down was lifted, positive behaviors developed or technologies learned during Covid that members wanted to keep as part of their lives, and the opportunities that change opened up for the future.



Virtual1- Apps that Improve Your Everyday Life

The Virtual1 Explorers Circle discussed apps that they regularly used on a smartphone or tablet.



Knowledge Sharing Impacts Lives

Knowledge sharing about  LED lighted magnifier glasses had a positive impact on the daily life of a Circle member.



Devices and Gadgets Sustaining Older Adults’ Resilience

Older adults ingeniously use a wide variety of devices in navigating their daily life. As we age, we use both low- and high-tech gadgets to increase our resilience and overcome any difficulties thrown across our path. Members of the Virual1 Explorers Circle discussed their favorite “helpers” in a far-reaching and spirited session which covered both physical items and digital applications.



Tech Support, Virtual1

During their Zoom Circle meeting, Virtual1 Explorers Circle members discussed personal approaches to tech support developed from their own experience. The discussion included issues like ongoing tech support; updates; learning about new tech; and the challenges of helping friends and family with technology.




Managing Passwords, Virtual1

As part of a discussion on technology support, the Virtual1 Explorers Circle acknowledged the ever growing need to keep track of a large number of passwords for online sites. For many, the task has become beyond what can conveniently be done with paper and pen



Telehealth - Covid and Beyond

Have you had the opportunity to use telemedicine? During the early period of sheltering in place due to the covid virus, telemedicine was often the only option for non-emergency medical care. Although telemedicine is by no means new, its rapid increase in deployment was due to the societal lock down during covid and its reimbursement by Medicare and other insurers. Many members of the Virtual1 Explorers Circle experienced online medical appointments which were discussed during their August Zoom meeting.




Covid Benefits--Part 3

Virtual1, the first  Longevity Explorers group that plans to meet entriely online with circle members living coast to coast discussed the benefits they accrued during the pandemic. In the third recorded segment of our July meeting, individual members continue to discuss affirmative change in their lives during covid.



Covid Benefits--Part 2

In the second recorded segment of our July meeting, individual members continue to discuss affirmative change in their lives during covid. Circle members give us a peak into adjustments in their lives as they have more time to reactivate earlier interests and use new technologies. They reveal how they have responded to a new receptivity to change. The increase in time, as well as, a boost in personal  motivation are identified as important elements for realizing benefits.



Covid Benefits--Part 1

While Covid has brought many challenges to our lives, members explored the positive experiences that they discovered while sheltering at home. Even as a community particularly at risk, members are finding a wide variety of ways to enjoy their time and learn new behaviors or ways of thinking.




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This Circle

This is the first "virtual" circle of the Longevity Explorers. 

Adapting to the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we are the first entirely virtual Longevity Explorers group. While the original IRL (in real life) Explorers have also taken their meetings online, the members of our circle aren’t in a specific geographic location, but span the country from coast to coast.

Circle members are getting to know each other as they explore how to use the online medium to build connections and continue leveraging technology to maintain our quality of life.

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