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The Conversation: End of Life Wishes, Providence

In Part 1 of our "End of Life" discussion, Beth Levow, a volunteer with the “The Conversation Project”, explains the resources this Boston-based non-profit program offers to enable conversations about one’s wishes for end-of-life care with family members, friends, physicians, and others.



Self Care for Better Physical Health

Under the leadership of member Elissa Arfa, a psychiatric nurse with a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Administration, the February meeting focused the need to care for oneself.  We need to do those many things over which we have control.  Elisa mentioned the importance in health of screening...



Self Care for Mental Health

A guest, Angela Rudner, who is a licensed clinical social worker and an ordained rabbi, then led in shifting the conversation to the ways in which we can improve our mental health and continue to find purpose and meaning in life.  The discussion was framed around several questions we can ask...



Loneliness & Isolation, Providence

Because of a technical problem, the recording of this meeting is not available. Following the lead of other Longevity Explorer Circles, the Providence group focused on the topic of “Loneliness and Social Isolation” at their December meeting.

Our circle divided into small groups of three...



How to Know When to Stop Driving: AAA Talk

How to Know When to Stop Driving, John Paul, guest speaker from AAA Northeast by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence

“People outlive their driving ability by eight to ten years,” said John Paul, the guest speaker from AAA Northeast.  Without alternatives, giving up driving can...



How Big a Problem Are Older Drivers?

How Big a Problem Are Older Drivers? by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov), although older adults do not rival the accident and injury rates of young adults, the incidence of accidents and the death rate do begin...



Assisted Living

Assisted Living by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence



Something Worth Noting from October 2018 Meeting

Something Worth Noting from October 2018 Meeting by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence

From the book “Aging in Place” (Lynda G. Shrager, 2018), Diane passed on this suggestion to help park a car in a tight garage space. Hang an old tennis ball from the garage ceiling placing it so...



The Providence Village

The Providence Village by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence
Member Pat Mattingly provided an update on the Providence Village, begun about two years ago.  It is one of over 250 villages in the US that are part of a Village-to-Village network. The Village’s purpose is to organize...



Aging in the Community

Aging in the Community by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence

Diane Strommer referred to a very interesting report, “Finding the Frame: An Empirical...



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This Circle

The Providence Circle of Longevity Explorers is a collaboration between Hamilton House and The Providence Village.  It meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month.

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