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We want to help make growing older better. For us and for those who follow us.


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Wearable Technology I. Prof Mankodiya Intro

Professor Kunal Mandokiya discussed his research using several kinds of wearable technology to assess and monitor illnesses like Parkinsons.



Exploring the Possibilities: Touring the Tech-enhancedLife Website @ Providence

Our circle’s technical expert led the group in a lively and informative web-linked conversation with Richard Caro, CEO and Co-Founder of Tech-enhanced Life. The purpose was to “kick off” our year with an introduction to the incredible resources and interactive possibilities available via the...



Essential Apps for Elders @ Providence

Led by Ronda Sciolto, a member of the Steering Committee of the Providence Circle, the June meeting focused on technology, particularly on apps (or applications) that are particularly useful. Ronda worked in technology for many years and is the founder of “Help Me, Ronda,” a business that has the goal of helping non-digital natives thrive in a digital world by reducing barriers to using the tools of technology and making it simple.



The MOLST form: End of Life Wishes, Providence

Ensuring that one's wishes will be followed means care in selecting an "agent" having a durable power of attorney for health care.  Another important step in Rhode Island is completing a "MOLST."  In Part three of our discussion on end of life wishes at the Providence circle, Dr. Pat Gifford, a retired Geriatrician, explained the process for getting and completing the “MOLST”—Medial Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. 



Brain Health, Teresa Fogerty @ Providence Explorers

At the April meeting, the Providence Longevity Explorers had an update on Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Research from the work and recent research of two members of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center at Rhode Island Hospital: Teresa Fogerty, the Community Outreach Coordinator,...



Terminology: End of Life Wishes, Providence

In Part 2 of this discussion related to planning for the end of one's life, Pat Mattingly clarifies some of the terms used, such as “health care advanced directives,” “designated agent,” “durable power of attorney for health care.” 



The Conversation: End of Life Wishes, Providence

In Part 1 of our "End of Life" discussion, Beth Levow, a volunteer with the “The Conversation Project”, explains the resources this Boston-based non-profit program offers to enable conversations about one’s wishes for end-of-life care with family members, friends, physicians, and others.



Self Care for Better Physical Health

Under the leadership of member Elissa Arfa, a psychiatric nurse with a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Administration, the February meeting focused the need to care for oneself.  We need to do those many things over which we have control.  Elisa mentioned the importance in health of screening...



Self Care for Mental Health

A guest, Angela Rudner, who is a licensed clinical social worker and an ordained rabbi, then led in shifting the conversation to the ways in which we can improve our mental health and continue to find purpose and meaning in life.  The discussion was framed around several questions we can ask...



Loneliness & Isolation, Providence

Because of a technical problem, the recording of this meeting is not available. Following the lead of other Longevity Explorer Circles, the Providence group focused on the topic of “Loneliness and Social Isolation” at their December meeting.

Our circle divided into small groups of three...



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This Circle

The Providence Circle of Longevity Explorers is a collaboration between Hamilton House and The Providence Village.  It meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month.

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