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Driving Decisions, Pleasanton

The question was raised, "How to tell when it is time to quit driving?" Pleasanton Longevity Explorers discuss.



Managing Medications, Pleasanton

How do you manage your medications? Members describe the various ways they keep track of their medications.



Wave the Wand

If you had a magic wand, and it would give you anything you wanted to make your life easier, what would it be?



Alexa Show and Tell @ Pleasanton

A member brought in an Alexa device and demonstrated some handy uses.



Jar Openers Demo @ Pleasanton

A favorite jar opener was demonstrated with a spaghetti sauce jar and a pickle jar. Also a method for opening plastic water bottles (teeth, not recommended) was discussed. It is helpful to first break the seal with a church key. What’s a church key?



Alexa @ Pleasanton

Alexa uses were explored.  Some uses included turning the thermostat on or off from a remote location, turning on the radio, setting reminders, setting alarms and turning on lamps.  Next meeting we will bring in an Alexa device and explore even more uses.



Assisted Living: Pleasanton Alternatives

Living Alternatives were discussed with one member expressing his initial reluctance to move into a Senior Care facility (Stoneridge Creek) and his current very satisfied results.  He is very happy with his choice and pointed out the importance of the groups and social connections. Income tax...



Cochlear Implants: My Experience

Cochlear Implant and other hearing aids were described and discussed. 



Jar openers @ Pleasanton

Opening jars requires strength. Other than a husband, or smashing it on the front sidewalk, is there a recommendation for a good jar opener?

There are multiple causes to difficulty opening jars, and there are different openers which work best for each cause.

On the Longevity...



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This Circle

This is a Longevity Explorer Circle formed from people who live in or near Pleasanton, CA. 

It meets monthly at the Pleasanton Senior Center and is sponsored by the Friends of the Pleasanton Senior Center.

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