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Please read the stories below, and, if you or your friends and family have had similar experiences, add comments and /or suggested workarounds or solutions.

Brainstorming: Better, More Frequent Connections to Friends

This is a brainstorming exercise between a group of Longevity Explorers and a group of students participating in the 2018 Stanford Longevity Design Competition.

We are brainstorming a "product to make connecting with friends more likely and more satisfactory".

 ... .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Driving Decisions, Pleasanton

The question was raised, "How to tell when it is time to quit driving?" Pleasanton Longevity Explorers discuss. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Managing Passwords, Pleasanton

How in the world do we keep track of all our various passwords? .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Managing Medications, Pleasanton

How do you manage your medications? Members describe the various ways they keep track of their medications. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Smell and Taste @ Pleasanton

Members discuss changes in smell and taste that they have experienced as a result of aging.  Are the recipes different, or has my sense of taste changed?  Is there a risk to having lost my sense of smell? .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Fit Bit

Using fit bit to help remind you to get up and off the couch every several hours. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Hand Sanitizer

Keeping safe from the flu season, "your health is in your hands", was discussed using the concept of putting hand sanitizer outside each restroom with a sign inside reminding the folks to use the hand sanitizer as they leave. A potential City Ordinance. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Wave the Wand

If you had a magic wand, and it would give you anything you wanted to make your life easier, what would it be? .....Read more and listen to the discussion



24 Hour Fitness

Staying young with exercise is the topic. An 87 year old has fun looking at the "ladies". .....Read more and listen to the discussion



Alexa Show and Tell @ Pleasanton

A member brought in an Alexa device and demonstrated some handy uses. .....Read more and listen to the discussion



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This Circle

This is a Longevity Explorer Circle formed from people who live in or near Pleasanton, CA. 

It meets monthly at the Pleasanton Senior Center and is sponsored by the Friends of the Pleasanton Senior Center.

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