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We want to help make growing older better. For us and for those who follow us.


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Home Robotics

Robotics and AI for Seniors. One member is fascinated with developments in this field and wants to find a way to keep up with what is available and affordable. She does not have a specific application in mind but may need help with declining eyesight.

Someone reminded us that Alexa can...



Getting Exercise

Conversation starts with mention of Wii as a product that gets you to exercise at home. Someone further extolled the value of U-tube, this time to provide balance and fitness instructions, especially when hooked up to your TV. The value of walking on rough ground had a strong advocate, as long...



Balance is Key to Physical Health in Seniors

One member was a strong advocate for importance of maintaining physical balance and avoiding falls that can precipitate an inexorable process of physical decline in seniors. He serves on the Fitness Committee at a Senior Living Center and said their main focus was to look for devices to help...



What Matters to Us: Generational Differences

Intergenerational discussion about "what matters" to each generation. Values and more.



Stylishness: What is it? Do we care?

Intergenerational discussion about stylishness. What is it? Does it matter? Does it mean different things for different age groups, and if so what?



Connecting, Companionship, Avoiding Loneliness

Intergenerational discussion about connectedness and loneliness.



Generational Learning Styles: Impact on Product Design

Intergenerational discussion about Learning Styles. How do they differ between generations? What is the impact of that on developing products for older adults?



Ensuring Financial Security over Extended Lifespan

The selection of a trusted financial advisor was key. One person recommended using a fee-based financial planner who won’t churn your investments and can run analyses of your portfolio over various scenarios (sensitivity analysis). Another advised turning assets over to someone while you still...



Helping Memory Impaired People Engage with Others

One member spoke of the isolation engulfing his wife as her dementia advances. She can no longer do email but does enjoy Face-time and photo sharing with family and friends. However, she is unable to initiate or even respond to a Face-time call on her own.

The group struggled to fully...



Elders Want Gadgets that are Fun and not Just Useful

An engineer in the group who enjoys making things bewailed the fact that many tools may be helpful but not many are fun. This prompted a lively discussion about gadgets that are fun to use.

Virtual Reality technology was a favorite. You can use it to take trips to exotic or interesting...



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This Circle

This is a Longevity Explorer Circle formed from people who live in or near Palo Alto, CA. 

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