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Accepting Aging; Deciding Not to Drive

Listen to a nice casual conversation among the Cincinnati Longevity Explorers about handling aging in general, and the challenges of telling a loved one that they shouldn’t be driving anymore.



A Few of Our Concerns: Online Fear, Built-in Obsolescence, Dealing with Scams

We are a new Longevity Explorer group: The Bayley Longevity Explorers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This discussion segment is our first ‘real’ more involved, in-depth, and meaningful discussion as an Explorer group.  It was a very good first meeting!  This discussion segment is about some of the concerns our explorers have: Online Fear, Built-in Obsolescence, and Dealing with Scams



Older Adult Boxing, Senior Olympics

The Cincinnati (Bayley) Longevity Explorers talk about the importance of being physically active; especially as older adults.  A couple of Explorers very fondly talk about the boxing classes they are currently taking.  Tai Chi and wishing for a Cincinnati-hosted Senior Olympics are also mentioned. 



Cooking & Food: Challenges for Living at Home? (Cincinnati)

This is a 2nd discussion surrounding the general topic of Cooking and Food and the Challenges of Aging.  The Sequoias SF, SF Village Explorers explored this at length last year; our Cincinnati group broached the same topics about a year later.  Both are interesting and educational discussions!



Cognitive Aging, Cincinnati

The suggested topic from one of our Explorers was “Aging minds; mental health concerns; brain diseases; brain exercises.”  Our Explorers talk about a number of examples of ‘normal forgetting’, as well as tips and suggestions on how to combat or deal with this natural aging phenomenon.
Listen to the recording if you’d like to follow this exploration step by step.  There’s a text box below if you’d like to leave any comments or contributions.



Vitamins and Nutrition

The suggested topic from one of our Explorers was “Vitamins: What to take; what to stay away from.”  Our Explorers weigh in on a number of vitamin-related issues in this wide-ranging discussion.  Overall, vitamin information and knowledge can be confusing and you may run across some mixed messages.
Listen to the recording if you’d like to follow this exploration step by step.  There’s a text box below if you’d like to leave any comments or contributions.



Remaining Independent - Bayley July 2019

‘Remaining Independent’ Morphs Into ‘End-of-Life’ Plans & Wishes

Preventing falling is quickly acknowledged as important for older adults.  Then our discussion morphs into a focus on end-of-life planning and issues.



Scams - Bayley July 2019

Scams and Harassing Phone Calls - Bayley July 2019 by Longevity Explorers | Recent @ Cincinnati

A variety of differnet scams and harassments are reported by the Explorers.



Hearing and Hearing Aids - Bayley July 2019

Hearing and Hearing Aids - Bayley July 2019 by Longevity Explorers | Recent @ Cincinnati

Hearing and hearing aids are practical topics for our group for a lot of reasons: We want everyone in the meeting to hear what's going on, and we're concerned about costs, insurance, and just learning more about this industry.



Chronic Fatigue, Dementia, & More @ Cincinnati

We explore “chronic fatigue syndrome”, along with some of the unique challenges faced by older women when dealing with medical professionals.  Then we explore our mental capabilities as we age: What constitutes ‘normal forgetting’ and early dementia?  Finally, we devote a few minutes to good habits to consider when aging, as well as some mention of helpful devices that can help us better adapt.



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The Longevity Explorers | Cincinnati are based in the greater Cincinnati area. We currently meet in the Florence Senior Activity Center in Florence, Kentucky.

Hello Longevity Explorers!  We are the newly-established Cincinnati Longevity Explorer circle and are very happy to become part of such an interesting and exciting community.  Our circle is looking forward to learning, as well as contributing.  

If you have any questions or comments for us, please send them our way.  We’d be happy to hear from you!

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