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Seniors & Their Families Need Better Products & Services. Why wait for someone else to develop them?



We think technology can help people experience higher quality of life as they age. But that what exists falls far short of what is possible.

We are the Aging-in-Place Technology Meetup, and we are working to change that.

Our goals: Conceptualize technology-enabled solutions to the challenges of aging, and implement them.

Please Participate

This Aging-in-Place Technology Meetup is not currently active, but if you wish it were, and would like to help organize it, send us an email using the contact form (bottom of the page). Meanwhile, take a look below at the things we worked on.


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App's of the month: Getting Around. November 2015

This month our App explorers are trying out several App's that should be useful in "getting around". If you would like to try out one of these and report back at your next circle meeting, or online if you prefer, it would be great.



Telepresence Robots - our future connections?

On January 21, 2015 we held our Aging In Place Technologies Meet-up at the Beam virtual presence store in Palo Alto. This is the place to capture your comments and feedback, and see how others enjoyed it and read what they learned.



Avoiding social isolation & keeping an active lifestyle

Discussion held at September 2014 Aging-in-Place-Technologies meetup, San Carlos, CA. Situation: parent not getting out, lonely in home.



Tracking Seniors: HYS Circle discussion Sept. 2014

At the September 2014 Aging in Place Technologies Meetup group nine of us discussed the problems with tracking devices for seniors, particularly for use in homes. The group posed many problems and offered solutions to many of them.



Medication adherence: HYS Circle discussion July 2014

At the July 9 AIP meet-up, an ad-hoc group of people spent approximately 30 minutes discussing the topic of medication adherence.



Social Isolation Circle Discussion- July 2014

We held a 30 minute HaveYourSay circle at our July Aging in Place Meet-up. I've participated in HYS circles about this topic before, and each time I get some new insight. Here are some salient points from this circle.



Father lost independence because he could no longer drive

My father did not have the strength or cognitive ability to drive a car safely. Driving a scooter provided some independence, but he was ultimately prevented from driving it.



My mother's poor short term memory reduces quality of life.

My mother has complete short term memory loss. Her long term memory is not impaired. The short term memory loss syndrome results in: difficulty in learning new things, difficulty in keeping track of things, social difficulty (impossible to carry on a conversation - always repeating questions and...



Need more space on cluttered nightstand

My Mom has a lot of things on her bed stand, and she constantly complains that she needs more space.

She has there a lamp, clock, all her medications, water and speakers for the MP3 player. Also she has a bar that helps her to sit down. This bar blocks the drawers in...



My Mother in Law Can't Open Jars. Please critique my Solution

Every time my Mother in law (90 years old) tries to open a jar she goes to her neighbor. She does not have any strength in her arms to do it. She goes to her neighbor asking to help with many other things as well. It makes her very uncomfortable to bother a person all the time. It would be nice...



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This Circle

The Aging in Place Technology Meetup holds a series of regular Meetups at which Citizen Observers, Sharers and Makers come together to discuss specific challenges of growing older, and conceive of well thought through solutions.

This is a unique forum for exchanging ideas with others interested in this field. At our meetings, we typically get a mix of technologists and entrepreneurs and members of the aging services industry.

Longevity Explorers

If you are looking for a way to interact with groups of older adults, you will be interested in our Longevity Explorer community (see below).


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