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Seniors & Their Families Need Better Products & Services. Why wait for someone else to develop them?



We think technology can help people experience higher quality of life as they age. But that what exists falls far short of what is possible.

We are the Aging-in-Place Technology Meetup, and we are working to change that.

Our goals: Conceptualize technology-enabled solutions to the challenges of aging, and implement them.

Please Participate

This Aging-in-Place Technology Meetup is not currently active, but if you wish it were, and would like to help organize it, send us an email using the contact form (bottom of the page). Meanwhile, take a look below at the things we worked on.


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Aging in Place MeetUp - September 2016

This Meetup followed our normal format, with the theme of "Smartphone Apps That Older Adults Might Actually Want"



Aging in Place MeetUp: Medication Management

The Aging in Place Technologies Meetup discussed medication management in June. In gory detail. The discussion audio is included.



Keeping Up With Tech Trends

With the continuing evolution of technology, it's not surprising how trends are constantly changing as well. A big number of companies try to create new trends or keep up and ride with the current ones as they create new tech startups that will hook the public and keep them wanting for more....



Staying in Touch, Older Adults

We had another successful Aging in Place MeetUp. With about 20 attendees we focused the unconference this session on tools to help older adults to keep in touch.



Brainstorming: Getting into the car more easily

At this months Aging in Place technologies Meetup we had a brainstorming session on aids for getting in and out of the car more easily when afflicted with some of the physical limitations that come with age. Listen to the entire discussion.



Aging in Place MeetUp - February 24, 2016

Another successful Aging-in-Place Technologies Meetup. Read about the topics here.



Hi-Tech Cane for the Visually Impaired

Do It Yourself technologists trying to invent a better white cane. It may not be ready for prime time, but it points the way of things to come.



Those are Not My Dentures

A member recalls the problem he witnessed when a group of nursing home residents' poorly labeled dentures were removed to be cleaned, but then became mixed up when being returned after cleaning.



Self-Balancing Cane: explorers are inventing

Senior Design Meetup member Wayne speaks of inventing a Self-Balancing biometric cane that can sense shifts of balance by the user and compensate accordingly.



Aging In Place MeetUp - November 18, 2015

Grab bars, PERS, stroke detection, remote monitoring - and that's just what I heard! About 25 participants again met at TechShop in Redwood city. It appeared that about half the crowd was here for the first time!

We followed our successful three part format. Richard talked about the big...



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This Circle

The Aging in Place Technology Meetup holds a series of regular Meetups at which Citizen Observers, Sharers and Makers come together to discuss specific challenges of growing older, and conceive of well thought through solutions.

This is a unique forum for exchanging ideas with others interested in this field. At our meetings, we typically get a mix of technologists and entrepreneurs and members of the aging services industry.

Longevity Explorers

If you are looking for a way to interact with groups of older adults, you will be interested in our Longevity Explorer community (see below).


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