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Teaching Alexa to older adults

Alexa and My Mother: Learnings for Teaching Older Adults Technology

Over the past few years, I have been the major caregiver for my mother, who lives 350 miles away.

This article is partly about my experiences using Alexa to help her, and partly to share some things I have learned about what is important in teaching technology to older adults in ways that mean they will actually take advantage of the benefits of that technology.


My Background:

I worked in manufacturing engineering and product development with large and mid-size companies. During my career, I worked on several new product designs to improve their manufacturability and transferred several products into manufacturing. I worked with teams implementing total quality, six sigma, Kanban, JIT, ISO 9000 and new manufacturing technologies.

After leaving corporate America, I started a real estate and urban development company with my wife. The firm provided real estate services and urban redevelopment. The redevelopment activities included redevelopment planning, declaring areas blighted for redevelopment and developing for-sale detached housing.

I currently consider myself semi-retired. I am working on a Web3 project, promoting Ask Alexa, a book I recently wrote, and working to dismiss seniors’ apprehension about technology. I believe technology is a major tool in improving our quality of life as we age or deal with ill health.

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