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conversation with doctor

A Conversation You Haven’t Had with Your Doctor…But Should

Drug company advertisements often end with the phrase “Ask your Doctor about…” followed by the newest drug being promoted. While surely they mean to ask if the new drug is right for you to start taking, I suggest a different question to ask your Doctor: “Of all the drugs prescribed for me, which one is most important for me to take correctly?”

pill filling

So You Want to Build a Pill Dispenser? Focus on Filling!

Do you have an idea for a pill dispensing product? Good for you. You’ve seen the problem and complexity of multiple medication and you have an idea to make it better. I commend you.

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Mary Sorber is founder of NightingaleRx, a consultancy that provides tools for patients and their caregivers to simplify management of multiple medications, and which offers user experience (UX) design consulting on home health medical devices for medication management. Mary has a background in user experience and information architecture, and she is now applying those skills in the area of health information and technology.

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