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Social Isolation Circle Discussion- July 2014

Isolated and Lonely: How Can We Avoid This?

How do you avoid becoming isolated and lonely as you get older?  Are there things you can do to help prevent this?

Isolation and loneliness is a very real fear for many older adults.  Many of us know of someone suffering from it, and it can be very sad.  Our Longevity Explorers came up with some practical tips to help avoid this problem.

My Background:

Mike is early into his ‘second career’ as a research consultant for older adults and the aging infrastructure, and is currently wrapping up the requirements for his graduate certificate in gerontology at the University of Kentucky.  Prior to that, he spent 29 years practicing the fine art of custom survey research design and analysis for national and international clients.  He also has a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Kentucky.

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