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Repurposing Everyday Objects

Active Aging: Rethinking the Use of Everyday Objects

As our bodies change with age, we are often advised by well-meaning health providers, family and friends to relinquish the activities we value and that give our lives meaning. We prefer the process of rethinking and repurposing everyday, affordable objects — so we can keep doing the “things we love“.

We discuss and provide examples of how to rethink outdoor activities such as gardening, animal care, and even simple farming. The principles can be adapted to many other hobbies and interests you may have!


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Elizabeth DePoy is a disability theorist, professor of interdisciplinary disability studies, social work, and cooperating faculty in mechanical engineering at the University of Maine and also senior research fellow. Ono Academic College, [2] Research Institute for Health and Medical Professions. Kiryat Ono, Israel. Her passions are the development of stylish equipment to enhance functioning and active livestyles. She lives with ehr Husband, Stephen Gilson, none horses, and two dogs on Chapter Three Farm.

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