Take Action Now

Postpone the day when functional decline gets in the way of living life to the full. Live independently for longer.

For you. Or for your elderly parents.

Expert Insights

Prepare and Plan


Prepare today. Avoid problems tomorrow.

Some people wait until calamity strikes before acting. Others prepare, and try and influence their destiny. For the planners and preparers among us, our team of citizen analysts and clinicians is assembling the best insights we can find on a series of important topics relating to aging.

For example: Find the best available insights into how to Avoid the Perils of Falling.

Explorer Insights

Adapt and Overcome


Overcome aging-related "challenges".

Hear older adults discuss challenges they have experienced as part of growing older, and ways they have compensated for those challenges with new products or services or other work-arounds. Get ideas you can use today for your aging parent or for you.

For example: Learn how circle members use various gadgets and widgets to prevent  imperfect hearing or mobility from getting in the way of doing what they love.

Action-team Research

Decision time


Choose the right solution for you.

Our citizen evaluators & analysts perform independent, objective analysis of emerging products targeted for the needs of older adults. We provide decision-support tools, based on that in-depth analysis, that help you select the right product or resource for your specific life circumstance.

For example: Suppose you want a home sensor system to help keep your aging parent safe. Get help deciding which product is right for your specific circumstance.