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  • I attended the in-person sessions for several years and learned a lot
  • Want more info to decide which pieces of "smart" I want to incorporate in our home
  • I am interested in learning about what these technologies have and will have to offer   You don't know what you don't know 
  • I'm attending another program also, Office Hours Global, which is a presentation with panelists who are extremely knowledgeable about technology.  This just broadens a new interest of mine.
  • An interest in how AI and Robots will allow older adults to stay in their homes longer.
  • Love learning about ways to “age safely at home”.  This is virtual and can get many ideas and feedback no matter where you live.  Like the creativity involved in finding ways to solve issue that crop up.
  • I have a great interest in improving these products
  • I’m 83 and want to stay in my house as long as possible.
  • Learning about technology has always been an interest and even more so when I can use the technology.
  • I think it’s a great way to make theoretical info applied and practical. 
  • I have an Apple Watch and appreciate any tech in this area.
  • I've been publishing on this topic for some time and I believe that the new Amazon Omni TV with apps and streaming first has the potential in its next generation, i.e., with a built in auto-zoom camera, a stronger processor, built-in DVR -- possibly cloud -- features, etc., to become the center for the rest
  • I'm ageing and interested in learning how to slow that process!
  • I have continued working into  my late 70's and have enjoyed the benefit of corporate tech support which has helped me live better as I age now i dont have that support but I want to  continue to improve  my knowledge 
  • Would like to know more about technology 
  • I have long been interested in robots and artificial intelligence, and now that I'm aging, my interest has grown, as someday, I won't be physically able to do much of what I'm doing today.
  • I am getting older!... :)
  • I'm on my city's Senior Citizen Commission that advises our City Council, and I'm interested in tech to help the aging.
  • I am 86 years old and will probably live another 10 years (family history). I want to stay as independent as possible and will need help-human or AI so I want to know what my future will be. My family lives 2000 miles away and zoom can only do so much.  
  • Previous membership experience including discussing tech topics and social interaction with other members
  • Would like to use my talents.
  • Appreciate research & feedback from circles. I am Chairperson of a Tech Committee at our retirement community.
  • I’m getting older
  • I am interested in using technology device for older adults
  • Gotta keep up with what’s going on !
  • As an old man, I want to get older.
  • I’m 89 and in good health.  I have a housemate but want to stay independent as long as possible and am always looking for ways to make sure I can.
  • It’s good to know what is out there for the time you may need it and how people are using “things” in their environment 
  • Aging
  • Anything that can increase productivity and help for people in general. Always interested in new ideas.
  • Aged Parent (89) + my own aging journey (62)
  • I have enjoyed the newsletter and I use technology a lot.  I have incorporated some of the ideas into my own life and feel I   would like to learn more.
  • I educate and coach people on the non-financial aspects of retirement, and was a participant in the original Longevity Explorer Circle.
  • Can be any where.
  • Interest in learning new methods and concepts.
  • There’s lots out there and more to come. Learning will help to make better decisions 
  • I’m pretty tech-savvy. Could share some experiences and might learn new things,
  • I am hoping to remain in my home, thus modifying my home or using aides of one sort or another is important.
  • Neighbors, friends and family in the population addressed, and I'm hopeful I will join them.
  • I'm pleased to move so fast.




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