Want Some Company? Stitch a Group Together.

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Explorer AnnieScott tells the group about Stitch.net, an app for meeting people over 50 who are interested in joining activities or events with others.

She explains that the site queries the user, "What would you like to do? Group Activity or Event, Travel, Chat." One may join for free, then there is a charge for activities. The site is not just for people who are in their '50s, but '50 and better'. It is not relationship focused, as with a dating site.

Members think of what they would like some company to do - One is a baseball fan, and would like to join a group to go to a game, another would like company for East Bay activities, and so forth. 

One member likes to form connections face to face vs. computer generated introductions. Another, however, cites the Internet as the more and more common way to meet people and join activities. 

Asked what type of activities she has used Stitch.net to join, AnnieScott answers: "Bocce Ball, a party by the water, dinner and a comedy club, and meeting others at a restaurant."

Asked about whether there are privacy problems, her answer is "No more than usual". Too, privacy and security issues are addressed on the website.

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