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Discussion Summary

The Passavant Technology Test Pilots evaluated the Aker "Voice Booster" device as an aid to friends and neighbors living with Parkinson's Disease who are no longer able to project their voice enough to participate in conversational speech.


Product Evaluation: Aker Voice Booster (12 watts)

  •  9 Evaluators


Product Description:

A voice booster is a portable amplifying device used to save you from exhausting your vocal cords.  The Aker offers excellent clarity, covers 3500 square feet and comes with rechargeable batteries with an average battery life between 2-3 years.

  • Cost:      $64.00


Practicality/Usefulness:  2.7/3


  • Good for voice amplification if needed, but may be cumbersome with other things using ears
  • Seems to really do what it says it does
  • Practical/yes; head piece was a bit loose and ear piece may be uncomfortable with hearing aids, glasses and earrings
  • Good for soft speakers
  • For the voice impaired – great!
  • Battery life seems short.  Wireless would be nice, and probable more expensive
  • Very useful and helpful.  Small and not awkward
  • Labels on base unit could be difficult for someone with vision issues.  Otherwise, a good useful device


Effectiveness:  2.8/3


  • As listener, it improved hearing the speaker.  Does not eliminate the need for hearing aid
  • When well fitted.  Consider hearing aids/glasses etc.


Senior Friendly Design: 2.1/3


  • Comfortable to user
  • May have issues with hearing aid feedback, eye glasses don’t seem to interfere
  • May be difficult to put on if you have tremors of any kind
  • Instructions to be a larger font!   Wish the head piece was adjustable
  • Directions too small for seniors
  • Could be clumsy with someone having dexterity problems or wearing eye glasses


Would purchase                                                                              

  • Yes:  7               No:  1      Maybe: 1


  • It felt a little uncomfortable for me over the ears, I don’t like earphones either!
  • Great idea, need to have a trial period
  • Question – how does this work for someone with portable Oxygen
  • Will borrow to test when I conduct a meeting
  • Very helpful for those who have lost hearing
  • Directions need to be written in large print


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