SilverSmart Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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The SilverSmart Tech Center on the Passavant Campus has been researching, demonstrating, trialing, and piloting assistive technology devices and systems designed for seniors for ten years! 


The goal of the program is to find technology that can facilitate living-in-place with a focus on remaining safe, healthy, engaged in meaningful activities and connected to friends and family.  The Technology Test Pilots/Passavant Longevity Explorer Circle is a group of our residents who meet monthly and evaluate the devices, their findings are posted on our explorer circle page!

To celebrate this milesstone, the center held an Open House for residents, staff, family members, caregivers and the greater community.  Members of the Passavant Circle assisted with the demonstratioin of products and devices.


Photos of the Open House 

Passavant SilverSmart Open House


Passavant SilverSmart Open House



SilverSmart anniversary open house


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