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from: Longevity Explorers | Saratoga Retirement Community

Discussion Summary

Explorer John inquires about what is new in the field of artificial intelligence.

A group member starts the discussion by offering the example of robotic pets. Some devices have recently been introduced in the marketplace looking like cats and dogs and are programmed to simulate interactions with people. Responses to the idea vary:

  • "Is that something one can become attached to?"
  • "The idea is offputting."
  • "The good news is that there is no house training." 
  • One member says that she is attached to her 'Alexa' object, although it is the size and shape of a tuna can. 
  • Another states "I don't love it. And If it doesn't work, I hate it." 
  • "I  want something classier than a pet rock."

Interactive pet toys have been on the market for some time. And it seems, in summary, that a device that falls somewhere between Alexa and a dog would be good... Although a more reticent member of the group opines that "Im not up to robotics yet."



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