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from: Longevity Explorers | Cincinnati

Discussion Summary

The Importance of Staying Physically Active.

One Explorer has noticed a lot of active older adults at Bayley; some in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and believes their ‘secret’ is simply not stopping being active.  No matter your capability and/or disability, you can still do many things at a level that is appropriate and engaging and beneficial to you.  Everyone is different in terms of their abilities and disabilities.

Some Explorers feel like it starts with the person; self motivation.  But this can be very hard.  Doing some things in a group can help with motivation, compared with doing something just by yourself.  It is easier to find excuses NOT to do something when you are by yourself versus in a group.  A group can help keep you going and participating.

A couple of the Explorers currently take boxing classes, and they talk about the many benefits.  The boxing lessons teach you about punching combinations, which take a lot of skill to do, and are also very good ‘exercise’ for your mind and memory.  The self-defense benefits of basic boxing skills are also rewarding.  They help instill greater social confidence.  Also mentioned was that the physical coordination of boxing techniques can be helpful for Parkinson’s patients as well.

The boxing Explorers really enjoy the classes and what they are learning.  Many of the ‘non-boxing’ Explorers seemed quite excited and interested in learning more about this atypical but interesting activity.

Finally, Tai Chi is noted as being very beneficial, and someone brought up the idea of Cincinnati hosting the Senior Olympics.  The narrower age brackets in Olympic-type events (e.g., 70 - 74 years old, versus 50 - 70 years old) make competition fairer and more fun.  In addition, personal competition, or doing the best that you can do, is also an important perspective.  If you can do something better now than you did a month ago, then that’s ‘a win’.

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