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Discussion Summary

Because of a technical problem, the recording of this meeting is not available. Following the lead of other Longevity Explorer Circles, the Providence group focused on the topic of “Loneliness and Social Isolation” at their December meeting.

Our circle divided into small groups of three to four and focused on a set of questions and four mini “case studies” which were written for the purpose. The “cases” included 1) how to deal with changes in a friend diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to prevent the friend’s isolation, 2) as a single person, finding things to do on weekends, 3) how to fend off a potential romantic partner without being hurtful, and 4) how to avoid isolating yourself during a period of grief.

Although some of our members claimed never to feel lonely, most had experiences periods of loneliness, particularly after losing a loved one. Understandably, since the Providence circle is a collaborative program of Hamilton House and the Providence Village, these two organizations were cited a number of times as being designed to help us avoid isolation and loneliness as we grow older.

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