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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

San Francisco Explorer Lynn tells the group about how first responders can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to access your essential medical information during an emergency. 

Past Practice

Lynn has previously used a paper copy of her essential medical info which she carried in a plastic pouch. Now she is using an iPhone and the Apple Health app to store her information.


How to Store and Retrieve Medical Information

  • Open the iPhone to the Lock screen. Then see 'emergency' at the bottom left of the screen and tap on it to open.
  • Or find the Apple Health app on iOS 13 - a white tile with a red heart symbol - and open it to 'Summary'.  
  • It can also track your activities -steps and stairs - and help you learn more about your fitness levels.
  • Touch your account image in the top right corner to open the Medical Details and Privacy settings.
    • Tap Health Profile to enter your basic contact information.

    • Tap Medical ID to enter essential health information, i.e., medical conditions, medications, blood type, known allergies, physician, etc.)


Be Prepared During an Emergency

Use your iPhone or Apple Watch to call or text emergency services, even hands-free.

  • Remember to keep your medical information current. Edit or update as prescriptions or medical conditions change.
  • Unlocked phone: anyone can access the Health app. Consult the Privacy setting or lockout when the phone is off.



Can first responders find my Health app if I am unresponsive? Yes. First Responders are trained to get into Medical ID via 'emergency'

Do older versions of iOS have the Health app? Maybe not. Best to check.

Can I put my doctor's contact information in the app? Yes.

How do I get to the lock screen and find 'emergency' if I am using facial recognition and it skips the lock screen? Defeat iPhone facial recognition upon opening by covering the camera when turning on the phone.





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