A Guided Exploration of Pill Management Methods

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from: Longevity Explorers | SF Village

Discussion Summary

SF Village explorers join in a guided exploration of five key questions about how they organize and manage their pills (prescriptions and dietary suppliments). This is part of a series of discussions summarized in "Medication Management Tips from Older Adults".

Responding to a set of written questions brought by Explorer Bob on behalf of a colleague in the pharmaceutical field in Belgium, the members share and discuss their individual answers with the group.

One member takes about 50 pills a day, and organizes them in a fishing tackle box! He was not typical of the group however.

Besides the matter of sorting and organizing, members share the ways they remind themselves to take the pills on time. Most agree that they follow the instructions on the prescription bottle, and if they miss a dose, they skip it and start again the next time. Importantly, they also agree that they would like to have an app for listing all their meds, with a drug interaction warning if some combination is contraindicated.

See more about pill management and pill reminders at our medication management topic hub.


About this Discussion


The questions this groups discusses are:

  • How do you store your medicines? [How do you make sure that you can find your medicines? Do you make a difference between the 'daily medicines' and the ones 'used once in a while'?]
  • How do you decide on a daily regimen? [Which tablets/pills to take first, which ones before/during/after food, which ones at the same time? Did you write this down somewhere? Did your pharmacist(s) help? Did you manage it through experience and trial-and-error?]
  • How do you take your medicines if you leave your house for a day? How do you pack it? What do you actually take? (the bottle, the blister pack, the whole box?)
  • How do you make sure that you don't forget? [What is 'best practice for not forgetting'? What would be an ideal way to support?]
  • What do you do when you realize that some medicines are not taken? [Call a doctor? Contact a pharmacist? Just ignore and continue? Blame somebody else?]


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from the San Francisco Village circle discussion April 5th, 2016.


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