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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Explorer John tells the group about a favorite app - Google Maps, and lists what he considers to be the more useful features:  

  • Turn by Turn directions to a place in an unfamiliar area.
  • Point to point distances, both in time and in miles (Walking, Driving, Public Transit, or Biking). If I am on a schedule, it can include a reminder to leave on time depending on my mode of transportation.
  • Rerouting around major traffic tie-ups.
  • it is especially useful since it ‘knows’ my location whenever I open the app – on computer, smartphone or tablet - so it can direct me to my next destination.

In addition to giving directions, the app locates parking and other services nearby (coffee, dining, parks, hotels, banks, gas stations, post offices, grocery stores, hospitals, historic places, art museums, etc.). As well, it can display either a map view with transit stops, or an aerial view or street view of the destination (including business hours) to help one learn appearance of buildings and other landmarks around my destination before arriving.

John tells the Explorers something they may not know: Using the GPS data collected by your phone, Google Maps Timeline can keep a location history of your movements. However, in Timeline, you can edit specific entries from your Location History, delete information from ranges in time or delete all of your Location History data. Your Timeline is private, so according to the app, only you can see it.


  • Is Apple Maps better than Google maps? Google maps seems to be preferred by members, although Apple has recently made major upgrades to Apple Maps.
  • A ten years plus Google Maps user reports that he finds it very reliable, kept up to date, and finds the features useful (hours of operation / open or closed).
  • Are all business on the map? Do they Pay to be shown? Probably not.

In closing, the group used the 'reactions' button of the Zoom program to show that the presentation was popular.



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