Finding footwear is tricky for arthritis sufferer

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Footwear posed a problem for me until I discovered a sock assist that is readily available and a dressing stick that helps me take my socks off. It is still very difficult to put on compression stockings, but I don't see any solution. They need to be tight fitting, but it aggravates the arthritis in my shoulders to pull them on.

The other issue with footwear is needing shoes that open way down towards the foot to accommodate a plastic brace, usually a sneaker. But for many occasions something nicer than a sneaker is required and hard to find. Being able to remove an inner sole makes it an easier fit or buying a wider width than what would otherwise be needed for a good fit and filling in the other foot with a second innersole.

Otherwise, I need elastic waist pants because I can't stand up long enough to fasten buttons, snaps or hooks. They are not readily available in stores, although I found beautiful corduroys in Macy's this year, but are sold in many online catalogs. The problem is fit and having to pay return shipping if they don't feel right. 


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