A Few of Our Concerns: Online Fear, Built-in Obsolescence, Dealing with Scams

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from: Longevity Explorers | Cincinnati

Discussion Summary

A Few of Our Concerns: Online Fear, Built-in Obsolescence, Dealing with Scams by Longevity Explorers | Recent @ Cincinnati

A couple of the explorers said that they were afraid that someday soon that everything you buy and pay for will be done online.  They were dreading this; what happens if your computer goes down?!

They still felt this way even though one of the explorers’ grandsons in the banking industry assuring her that it would never go to this extreme and that there would always be non-online options.  And, their fear wasn’t alleviated much despite most of the explorers feeling that this would not happen in their lifetimes.

“Built-in obsolescence”, also referred to as ‘consumerism’ by one explorer, was also voiced as a concern.  It feels like a lot of the technology products like phones and computers don’t last as long as you’d like.  It becomes expensive to keep up with the ever-changing technology and it can be hard to relearn the replacements or so-called ‘upgrades’.  A number of explorers chimed in that many consumer products had this built-in obsolescence as well.

Next, our explorers moved on to scams, including both regular and electronic mail.  For emails, don’t ever click on the links, which could open the door for infiltration.  Maybe check originating or return email addresses for recognition or oddities.

 Oftentimes, ads and emails can be triggered by your search behavior.  Seems like there is less and less privacy these days, and phishing gets more and more sophisticated every day. 

In terms of combatting unwanted calls, there are some ‘no-call’ registry services, but many explorers are not very familiar with them.  Another suggested strategy was to just not answer the calls and force them to leave a message if they want you to call back.  

One service that was highly recommended was a service called Smart Call Blocker, available from Best Buy.  The phone and cable provider Spectrum was also mentioned as offering a similar service.




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