Explorers Examine A New Jar Opener

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Hear this discussion from our Longevity Explorers — circles of older adults who meet monthly to explore solutions to the challenges that come with aging.

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Longevity Explorers discuss and explore a newly invented type of jar opener. Since many have difficulty gripping and opening jars, the group showed interest in trying out a prototype jar opener.

As they handed it around  tried it out, some of the comments were: 

  • Really clever - you don't have to hold the jar.
  • Cumbersome, may cause spills
  • It came apart - Too complicated
  • Opens reasonably small, but not very small sized jars.
  • Loosens, but does not remove lids
  • Slips on some lids, perhaps better for one-handed use
  • Needs clear instructions

The group consensus is that it is a clever device, but will benefit from some design refinements.

Members go on to describe their usual and customary methods of opening jars.

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