Dan's Fear: What If My Computer Crashes?

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Hear this discussion from our Longevity Explorers — circles of older adults who meet monthly to explore solutions to the challenges that come with aging.

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from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF, SF Village

Discussion Summary

Explorer Dan shares his fear of having his computer fail, and what to do if it does. The group follows with a discussion of ways they use to keep their tech gear working. 

Explorer Lynn suggests that her local Apple Store keeps a referral list of 'house call' techs for regular maintenance and thinks that students would gladly help, welcoming some added income. Others mention local computer repair shops, Village service vendor referrals and volunteers, as well as resources available through the various senior centers.

The group agrees that it is important to pay attention to OS updates, but also to beware of changes in screen appearance after automatic updates take place. The bottom line? Avoid problems by buying local, so as to be able to go back to your vendor for advice.


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