Car Cane User Report

from: Longevity Explorers | Sequoias SF

Discussion Summary

Explorer James reports on his experience using the Car Cane with his auto and truck. He bought the product because of difficulty getting in and out of his vehicles due to arthritis and nerve damage in his hips and back. After opening the car door, he inserts the metal shank of the device into the door latch in the back of the door frame, and uses the handle for leverage to get up from the car seat and rotate out of the car. James finds it "tremendously helpful" in that it supports his weight and helps him in and out of a tight space. The Car Cane is stored in the car's door pocket when not in use.

All door latches are not the same size, so the shank of the Car Cane can be loose in the latch if not placed carefully for a tight fit. To improve the product, James recommends that the manufacturer include a rubber or plastic sleeve to be slipped over the metal shank for a tighter fit in the door latch of cars that require it.

See our listing for the car cane here.

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Car Cane, mobility, arthritis aids