Apple Watches Help Monitor Elders' Health

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from: Longevity Explorers | Saratoga Retirement Community

Discussion Summary

One of our SRC Explorers is an enthusiastic Apple Watch owner, and presents to the group about the features he likes.

Some of the features discussed include:

  • Fall detection and medical alert 
  • Some watches have celluar capability, while others work by pairing with an iPhone for calls or texts.
  • Phone text messages can appear on the watch - with the option to answer verbally, then to be converted to a text message reply.
  • Apple watch classes are offered at Apple Stores.
  • Later models are designed to offer a heart rate monitor and to take a 2-lead ECG tracing for detection of atrial fibrillation.
  • Most Apple watched allow the input of other medical information.
  • Display screen background selection
  • Step counting app  
  • Most Explorers like the choice of bands available.

To promote health and wellness, many of the watches incorporate a 'Stand up' reminder after the wearer has been sedentary for some time.

A member reports having been enlisted to take part in an Apple medical study of elderly persons - for which he was given an Apple iPhone.

Four members of the group have Apple watches.


  • Favorite features? - phone app to record/track blood pressure; text feature for communication with grandchildren, fall detection feature, telling time and date, and favorite sports scores.
  • How difficult is it to read the watch's small screen with weak eyesight? Varies by model.
  • Recharging? Nightly.
  • Does it record swimming exercise?

Lastly, there is a pricing and feature discussion, with some competing products mentioned, as well.   


For much more on this topic, see "Smartwatch as Medical Alert".



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