Solution: Try calling a licensed Senior Move Manager

By: Candiece Milford.  Updated: July 04, 2019.


The Problem: Prospective residents of retirement community daunted by process of downsizing and moving

A consistent challenge I deal with as the Marketing Director of a retirement community is how to filter through decades of accumulated household goods, much of which is embedded with deep memories. This can be such an emotional barrier that it keeps some people frozen in place, unable to move at all..... More about the Problem


Solution: Try calling a licensed Senior Move Manager

An ever-growing resource are Senior Move Managers and you can locate one in your area by going to I have referred families and prospects who live outside the Bay Area (because I refer local Senior Move Managers whom I know) to this resource with positive results. In that this is a growing field, there may not be someone in  your exact town, but in the larger cities, there are usually plenty of choices.

There are screening criteria for this group which means that there are quality standards that must be followed. Some of them have repurposed themselves with psychology, interior design and other very appropriate skills applicable to this process.

View our listing and reviews for NASMM here


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