Insights for Innovators from Older Adults

How we do things today. Pain points.

The Longevity Explorers are exploring how older adults do things today (current practice), and the pain points — where better products or services would be really valuable. Every week we learn more. You can learn with us.

Longevity Explorers


Don't see the Theme You Care About?

There are lots of discussions on other themes too in our Discussion library. We just chose these Insights for Innovators themes for special attention. If you want to browse all our discussions, visit the Discussions Page. And if there is a theme you wish we would explore, contact us to let us know.


About Insights for Innovators

Our Longevity Explorers (hundreds of older adults with ages ranging from 60-95 years old) meet regularly to discuss topics at the intersection of aging and technology.

Recently, we have been exploring some specific themes which we think are going to be very important for older adults in the future, and which in our opinion are ripe for innovation.

We call these the Impact Theme series of discussions, and you can see links to some of the "popular themes" at the top of this page.

In our discussions we explore the critial things an innovator needs to know to start innovating.

  • We share how we do things today;
  • We explore and critique existing products;
  • We talk about challenges we have that we wish products could solve; and
  • We dream up product concepts we wish someone like you would develop.

Follow the links above to see and listen to the discussions on each of these themes. 


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Unique Exploration Community

The members of our Longevity Explorer community have self selected themselves to be interested in new things, intellectually curious, thoughtful, and excited to engage and make a difference. They are a very unique group of individuals.

This community of older adults have spent hundreds of hours over the last five years discussing and brainstorming unmet needs associated with aging, and critiquing various existing products and new product concepts. During that time the members of our explorer circles have learned how to work effectively together, and we have learned how to effectively manage our group interactions to have useful outputs result. This has been a time consuming learning process, but now we feel confident we can harness our skills to help others.

Tech-enhanced Life and the Longevity Explorers have already built a very deep base of expertise and insight in many areas associated with aging. And we have already explored a number of unmet needs associated with growing older. So, our explorations on your behalf don't have to start from ground zero, but can leverage what we have already learned.

We have learned that the right facilitation is a key ingredient for a group interaction that leads to a successful result. We have the benefit of Dr. Caro's experience as a facilitator of over two hundred face-to-face explorer circle meetings, as well as his deep experience with the whole product development process. This combination of deep understanding of the challenges of aging; facilitation skills appropriate for a group of older adults; and product development expertise is a rare asset.