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Discover unmet needs. Explore how older adults tackle challenges today, so you know what your new product or service will need to be better than. Develop a profile of the people who care about better solutions.

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Explore Unmet Needs for Older Adults: Value Milestones

Work on something older adults actually care about

To explore the unmet needs of older adults, we think it makes sense to tap into the accumulated life experiences and wisdom of older adults themselves.

Our Longevity Explorer community wants to make that easy.


Zero in faster on actionable results, by leveraging the knowledge, experience, and interaction skills developed as a result of hundreds of face-to-face group interactions with our community of older adult explorers.


A good way to get ideas for problems that need solving is by browsing the many hours of audio-recorded explorations of unmet needs and product imperfections (from the Longevity Explorers) already curated on this website. When you need more depth and specificity, you can commission custom discussion(s) and other interactions with the Longevity Explorers and our analyst team.


Is this service for you?

These "Unmet Needs Exploration Services" are designed for two types of people.

  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators who want to develop products or services for older adults, and are looking for an important customer need to tackle; and
  • Innovators and Developers who have a general "Customer Need" (of older adults or caregivers) in mind, but need help answering questions like the following.
    • Who exactly has this need? And, who exactly might be the target customer who needs help addressing this need?
    • How important is the customer need really, compared to other things older adults worry about?
    • How many people really care about it?
    • How do people tackle this challenge today (i.e. what do I need to be better than)?
    • What are the most popular solutions to this need that people use today?
    • How valuable would a better solution be to potential customers?



The Services: Explore the Unmet Needs of Seniors

A. Discover Challenges that Need Solving, and Products that Need Improving:

We often meet entrepreneurs who want to work in this space and are looking for an important problem to tackle. For them, a good place to start is with the many hours of audio discussions on this website, in which older adults talk about challenges of growing older they wish someone would invent products to alleviate; and about problems with existing products. This is a gold mine for those looking for important things to work on.

You can browse and do your own research, starting at our Audio Discussions page (button below).


Browse explorer discussions. 



B. Deep-dive into Specific Needs and Challenges

Once someone zeros in on a general target area, we find they often need help answering questions like those above to gain a deeper understanding of the potential customer, exactly what the customer need is, and how people meet that need today.

We have had a lot of success getting insights into questions like these with facilitated group discussions of our Longevity Explorers. We can design a special interaction just for you to address your questions. It can be a quick read out, and rather inexpensive, or a more complex interaction designed to dive deep. For extra quantitative detail, it sometimes makes sense to follow a qualitative group discussion with a survey fielded to a larger group of people.

The right approach depends a bit on exactly how far along you are, what you still need to learn, and what types of internal skill sets your team has. We are happy to listen to what your are trying to learn and make suggestions about how to proceed. We have some simple, relatively inexpensive, "templated" approaches that can be very effective at gaining a better understanding of the unmet needs of older adults. And for more complex or deeper explorations, we can design an engagement focused on your specific goals.


Explore Unmet Needs of Older Adults:
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Already working on a Solution?

If you are already working on a "Solution" to some problem, and don't feel you need more insight into the customer needs of seniors, you should look at our "Evaluate Problem-Solution Fit" Service. That will give you a quick readout on whether you are solving an important problem, and on how well your solution solves that problem (in the opinion of older adult potential customers).

If the answer is positive, that is great, and you may not need to learn more about Customer Needs. If you find there is a mismatch between your solution and what people care about, then these Unmet Needs Explorations are a good place to start the second iteration of customer interaction.




Unsure What You Need?


Tell us what you want to accomplish. We will respond with suggestions.

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Unique Exploration Community

The members of our Longevity Explorer community have self selected themselves to be interested in new things, intellectually curious, thoughtful, and excited to engage and make a difference. They are a very unique group of individuals.

This community of older adults have spent hundreds of hours over the last five years discussing and brainstorming unmet needs associated with aging, and critiquing various existing products and new product concepts. During that time the members of our explorer circles have learned how to work effectively together, and we have learned how to effectively manage our group interactions to have useful outputs result. This has been a time consuming learning process, but now we feel confident we can harness our skills to help others.

Tech-enhanced Life and the Longevity Explorers have already built a very deep base of expertise and insight in many areas associated with aging. And we have already explored a number of unmet needs associated with growing older. So, our explorations on your behalf don't have to start from ground zero, but can leverage what we have already learned.

We have learned that the right facilitation is a key ingredient for a group interaction that leads to a successful result. We have the benefit of Dr. Caro's experience as a facilitator of over two hundred face-to-face explorer circle meetings, as well as his deep experience with the whole product development process. This combination of deep understanding of the challenges of aging; facilitation skills appropriate for a group of older adults; and product development expertise is a rare asset.