Wearables:  Older Adult Perspectives

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Hear what Older Adults Think: Wearables

Apple Watches Help Monitor Elders' Health

One of our SRC Explorers is an enthusiastic Apple Watch owner, and presents to the group about the features he likes.




Quantified Older Adults: Activity tracking conversation

This circle discusses their use of activity tracking devices to monitor and quantify their levels of acitivity. The group discuss the different approaches each of them has to tracking, and why they do it in the first place.



SF Explorers Talk About Wearables

SF Explorers spent a portion of their meeting time sharing reports on their favorite wearables - both high and low tech.



Sleep: SF Explorers

The group responds to the question "What do you do or use to help you go to sleep at night?"



Gadgets for Safety at Night

Explorer Helena shows the group her hand-held device that lights and sounds an alarm for use as a personal safety device. Another member prefers a small high intensity flashlight for use at night, which she prefers to using the light of a more valuable cell phone - which draws attention to its presence. Another in the group explains a SafeSound fob that emits a shriek 'of roughly equivalent intensity to a car alarm' to frighten away a threat.



Safety, Dark Streets: Some Solutions

Explorer Bob describes a trip to Berkeley to see a show that is over late in the evening, and in a poorly lit area.



Wearable Technology V. Experimental Smart Watch Applications

Wearable Technolgy V. In the final portion of his presentation on wearable technology, Prof. Mandokiya described some experimental uses of smart shoes and smart watches to help physicans who are prescribing an incremental walking program after vascular surgery for patients with peripheral artery disease.



Wearable Technology IV. WearableTextiles

Wearable Technology IV. Continuing his presentation on the ways in which research can inform the development of health applications for wearable technology, Prof. Mandokiya described the work of his own Wearable Sensing Lab at the University of Rhode Island, with its focus on wearable e-textiles for telemedicine.



Wearable Technology III. Monitoring Parkinsons Symptoms

Wearable Technology III. Prof. Mandokiya narrated the story of his own early research investigating the use of  smart watch technology to monitor the symptoms of Parkinsons -- the tremors -- in order to help physicians monitor the effectiveness of medications they had prescribed.



Wearable Technology II. The Internet of Things

Wearable Technology II. Following his overview of the talk, Prof. Mandokiya provided an explanation of how the broad new system termed "the internet of things" works -- linking appliances with sensors to transmitting devices like smart phones and Alexa, which forward these signals to "the cloud" where they are stored and interpreted.



Wearable Technology I. Prof Mankodiya Intro

Professor Kunal Mandokiya discussed his research using several kinds of wearable technology to assess and monitor illnesses like Parkinsons.



Rich's New Apple Watch

Explorer Rich shows the group his new Apple Watch and describes features that he particularly likes.



The Apple Watch Impresses Explorers

Explorer Rich describes his Apple iWatch 3.



Explorer Sports a Fashionable Smartwatch

Explorer AnnieScott describes the functions of her Movado Connect, a smartwatch in the form of a fashionable timepiece.



Explorer Report: New Posture Product

Explorer Shirley tells the group about the iPosture Pendant, a wearable device designed to remind the wearer to maintain the desired posture.



Smartphone as EKG Monitor: Wearables we Like

Explorer Lynn describes an app and an attachment for smartphones which are intended to display the user's EKG tracing on the phone's screen, and then share it.



Wearables Explorers Like: Underwater iPod

Explorer Jean Marie shows and tells the group about her new underwater iPod Shuffle, which she intends to take with her into the swimming pool.



Latest Fitbit "Watch": Terry Reports

Explorer Ray shows off the newest model wearable activity tracker which he received recently as a birthday present.



Exercise Tracker with Heart Rate?

Explorer Marilyn discusses her search for a fitness tracker which measures heart rate.



Better Posture Gadget: Show and Tell

Saratoga Retirement Community explorers are introduced to Lumo Lift, a wearable tech device designed to promote good posture in people of any age.



LumoLift Posture Wearable @ EVC

Eskaton Village Carmichael explorers are introduced to Lumo Lift, a wearable device that is supposed to be a reminder to maintain one's posture.



LumoLift Show & Tell: Posture Wearable

The Longevity Explorer circle is introduced to a wearable device that serves as a posture reminder.



SequiasSF explorers check out the Lively Wearable

At our last circle, this group of explorers were interested in the new Lively Wearable device. This month, we brought one along, and the explorers tried it out, and discussed it features and positives and negatives.



Which Fitness Tracker is Easiest to Use?

Explorer Deborah asks the group if they know of a fitness tracker device that is really easy to read and to program, since she considers herself 'technologically out of it', and she would pay more for ease of use and reliability.



Polar Activity Tracker show & tell

Member Karl described the attributes of his Polar 300 activity tracker for the benefit of the circle. He found the vital sign measurements (heart rate, pulse) particularly helpful in gauging his level of activity, and showed charts of various functions created by synchronizing the data with his computer.



About the Impact Theme Series

Our Longevity Explorers (hundreds of older adults with ages ranging from 60-95 years old) meet regularly to discuss topics at the intersection of aging and technology.

Among the many topics we discuss in these meetings, we have been exploring some specific themes which we think are going to be very important for older adults in the future, and which in our opinion are ripe for innovation. These make up our Impact Themes, and Wearables is one of these themes.

In these discussions:

  • We share how we do things today;
  • We explore and critique existing products;
  • We talk about challenges we have that we wish products could solve; and
  • We dream up product concepts we wish someone like you would develop.

If you are developing products or services for older adults in the category of Wearables, listen to the Longevity Explorer discussions on this page to get insights about how to develop better products and services for older adults.

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