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Can't Reach Toenails to Cut Them Anymore

Older people complain that at some point, for one reason or another, it is no longer possible to reach toenails for clipping. What is available - short of paying for the service - to make this mundane hygienic procedure 'within reach' again? 

At a Longevity Explorer discussion circle in...



Avoiding social isolation & keeping an active lifestyle

Discussion held at September 2014 Aging-in-Place-Technologies meetup, San Carlos, CA. Situation: parent not getting out, lonely in home.



Tracking Seniors: HYS Circle discussion Sept. 2014

At the September 2014 Aging in Place Technologies Meetup group nine of us discussed the problems with tracking devices for seniors, particularly for use in homes. The group posed many problems and offered solutions to many of them.



Bring Your Own (Cell) Phone

Care settings are less and less offering land lines when new residents move in.



Too many websites are not "Senior Friendly"

There are very many websites of service providers which are very difficult to navigate.

Seniors with impaired ability to remember the counterintuitive sequence of required interactions are particularly impacted.   

A registry or certification of “Recommended Senior...



My mother's poor short term memory reduces quality of life.

My mother has complete short term memory loss. Her long term memory is not impaired. The short term memory loss syndrome results in: difficulty in learning new things, difficulty in keeping track of things, social difficulty (impossible to carry on a conversation - always repeating questions and...



Need more space on cluttered nightstand

My Mom has a lot of things on her bed stand, and she constantly complains that she needs more space.

She has there a lamp, clock, all her medications, water and speakers for the MP3 player. Also she has a bar that helps her to sit down. This bar blocks the drawers in...



My Mother in Law Can't Open Jars. Please critique my Solution

Every time my Mother in law (90 years old) tries to open a jar she goes to her neighbor. She does not have any strength in her arms to do it. She goes to her neighbor asking to help with many other things as well. It makes her very uncomfortable to bother a person all the time. It would be nice...




Lately, I have noticed that my short term memory is worsening.  It happens most often while at home.  I may go from one room to another to fetch something, and by the time I get there, I've forgotten what it is I'm fetching (or even that I am fetching anything).  This may happen at any time...



Lifelong reader now can't read anymore. What to do?

My Mom is 91 and my mother in-law is 90. They both have Macular degeneration and can't read the text even in a Kindle. They are in good mental health for their age and used to read a lot. They can't watch TV all day long. My Mom tells me that she could fill the voids in the day by listening to...



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Our Longevity Explorers (hundreds of older adults with ages ranging from 60-95 years old) meet regularly to discuss topics at the intersection of aging and technology.

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  • We share how we do things today;
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