Rescue Alert: Reviews and Company Overview

Rescue Alert is a dba name for Mytrex. Mytrex develops and manufactures the MDX product series, and this product is used by Rescue Alert, as well as a number of other companies in this report, such as Bay Alarm and Lifefone.

Rescue Alert emphasizes the quality of its response center, and makes a point of saying that (some of?) its responders are EMD certified, and that language translation services are available.

Individual Product Reviews: Our Analysis


Rescue Alert GPS

Rescue Alert, GPS

This is a go-anywhere mobile medical alert. 

This product is in the same category as the mobile medical alerts about which we did some detailed comparative testing back in 2016. This product was not available then, so...



Rescue Alert, MXD and MXD 3G: Review

Rescue Alert, MXD and MXD 3G

These are two conceptually similar products, with the MXD connecting via landline and the MXD3G connecting via cellular connection to the responder call center. Marketing material emphasizes the ability to work with DSL, and with VoIP and cable phone connections in the case of the MXD. This may...


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