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LifeCall offers several medial alert systems covering the usual basic types. There is a standard at home version, as well as the cellular version therof. And then there is a fall autodetection system that for some reason appears to use a different base station as well as a different pendant.

The standard system comes from Bosch. Not sure who makes the fall detection system.

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Life Call, Standard: Review

Life Call, Standard

Basic at-home system, made by Bosch.



LifeCall, Advanced: Review

LifeCall, Advanced

An at-home system with a fall detection pendant. The product comes in a version that connects via landline as well as a version that connects via cellular connection.



LifeCall MobileAlert

LifeCall, MobileAlert

This is a mobile medical alert product. It does not include GPS location technology or fall detection. However it has very long battery life (up to 30 days).

We believe this product comes originally from Freeus (a wholesaler), and is called by them the "Belle". We believe Lifecall...


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