GreatCall, Jitterbug: Review

GreatCall, Jitterbug Flip: Review

The Basics

Product name: Jitterbug Flip 

Manufacturer / Distributor: Greatcall

Compilation: Q4 2015. Updated Q4 2018.

This page contains our Greatcall | Jitterbug Flip review.



Analyst Summary: Greatcall Jitterbug Flip


Jitterbug FlipThis is an interestingly different approach to a medical alert. This product is a "senior friendly" cell phone, but it has a button which lets you call the medical alert monitoring service (called 5 star) which is provided by the manufacturer (GreatCall).

This button reaches the same person you would reach by pressing the alert button on the GreatCall Lively Mobile Alert, or pressing the "help" button on the 5star App on your smart phone.

So, Great Call is offering multiple different form factors, that all call the same responder call center, where the responders can help in various ways including calling 911. See more about this 5 star service in our discussion of the Splash and the Smartphone 5star App.

We have not tested the actual Jitterbug but we hear positive reports from people we know who have them. We suspect, but are not certain as yet, that this product does not include GPS capability which means that the responder does not know where you are until you tell them (unlike with the Splash, which knows where it is and tells the responder without you having to do so).

Note: This phone is a flip phone, and differs from the Jitterbug Smart which is a Smartphone. On the Jitterbug Smart you access 5 star through an App (the 5star App) rather than a real button.






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Product Line & Company: Greatcall

GreatCall is a well regarded leader in design of senior-friendly products, and makes the popular Jitterbug phones, as well as the Lively Mobile Plus mobile emergency alert pendant.

The 5 star response services that work on each of the emergency devices above can optionally include some very interesting services that go far beyond the traditional emergency responder service. These extra services include 24/7 access to a doctor or nurse, and use of a caregiver connection application called GreatCall Link.

GreatCall owns and runs its own responder center (they call them a Caring Center). In an interview, GreatCall emphasized several aspects they believe are... .........Read more


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Last Updated: April 30, 2020.

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